Thursday, July 16, 2009

Widening I-270 proposal

Despite all of the financial issues in our economy, and the clear recognition that dependence on foreign oil is a national security risk, burning fossil fuels pollutes our environment, and sprawl development degrades our standard of living, the proposal to widen I-270 is alive and being debated. Next Tuesday, the Montgomery County Council will vote whether or not to support a $4 Billion widening project. Go to to sign a petition to oppose further degrading Montgomery County and spending billions of dollars that are needed to promote transit opportunities and walkable/bikable communities. For some unimaginable reason, and despite all evidence to the contrary, some people have not realized that building roadways promotes the use of transportation options (single-occupancy vehicles, specifically) that are contrary to our welfare and communities. It has been demonstrated time and again, in city after city, that road construction leads to greater use of SOVs, which results in clogging the new roadway. Congestion cannot be cured through pavement. It has also been shown that, for the square footage of land used, a lane of vehicular traffic transports the fewest individuals. Therefore, road construction and widening is wasteful of precious dollars, precious land, and the health of our citizens who live nearby. Please sign the petition and let the council know that this is an issue that needs to be solved through other transportation options.