Monday, October 4, 2010

Green Festival comes to DC in October!

If you've never been to the Green Festival, this is a real treat. It doesn't come to DC every year. Held at the Washington Convention Center, it is a huge fantasmagoria of everything sustainable, with vendor booths, food, and speakers. Topics cover energy conservation, organic foods and products, fair trade, and anything else you can imagine. Two years ago, Dan & I managed to find a number of organic chocolate suppliers, and we bought a wide variety of dark chocolates for our choco-loving son-in-law. He was ecstatic, and one of the "finds" turned into his favorite chocolate of all time. The entry fee is reasonable (see the website), but you can get in for a reduced cost if you are a senior, student, come by transit or bicycle. Admission is free with a Ford dealer pass, if you bring a cell phone to recycle, purchase $25 in October at Mom's Organic Market (Nicholson Lane), are a member of Green America or Global Exchange, volunteer, or are under 18.
I can't tell you how much fun this is!!!

Take Metro directly to the convention center
October 23-24

Really fun, inspiring, and interesting!!!