Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Recycling bin- what can go in? Guidelines for Montgomery County

Last night, one of our neighbors heard a talk by Montgomery County's Recycling Coordinator.  We knew most of what he covered, but learned (or was reminded of) several things:
- Milk and juice cartons are now recyclable; rinse and put into big blue bin with other paper.
- Yogurt containers (and other tub shaped plastic containers, including flower pots) are now recyclable. 
- Plastic bottles from cooking oil or salad dressing are recyclable; wash with soap and put in with other plastic.
- Plastic bottles from motor oil are NOT recyclable.
- Styrofoam and other plastic containers with that feel are still NOT recyclable.
- Clear plastic clam shell containers (from fruit, salad) are NOT recyclable, no matter what number is on them; most are #1, but they melt at a different temperature from other #1 plastic containers  and mess up the result!  (This is the one I definitely didn't know about and have been guilty of)
- Bottle tops are recyclable, but put them in the plastic/metal bin separately from the container they belong to (i.e., not attached) 
- Metal can tops are OK if they are still attached to the can and pushed down inside it, but not if they are separated because they may have sharp edges that could injure handlers.
Check the link for all recycling questions, including all of the other myriad items that are recyclable and/or are taken at the solid waste facility.
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