Sunday, September 8, 2013

Montgomery County Recycles Rigid Plastics and Recycling News

This week, the county opened a new recycling station at the Shady Grove Transfer Station. County residents can drop off rigid plastic items such as pet crates or carriers, milk crates, toys, wading pools, laundry baskets, step stools, or any hard plastic item that wasn't authorized for the curbside bins.

When making a "dump run," as we call it in our house, take along other recyclables that may be hanging around and don't need to end up in the landfill...

hazardous materials and car oil
scrap metal (anything metal)
good bikes
paper of every type (magazines, cardboard, junk mail)

Other big news- there is now a push to distribute excess food from grocery stores, restaurants, and banquet events to feed the hungry. This is an expanded program.