Saturday, June 27, 2015

Planning Begins for White Flint/North Bethesda Areas Surrounding the Approved White Flint 1 Sector Plan

Now that the Sector Plan for White Flint 1 was approved in the past few years, construction is complete in some parcels (such as North Bethesda Market) and underway in others. The largest areas under construction inclued the 32 acre parcel from Rockville Pike at the White Flint metro station to Nebel Street and Pike & Rose, at Old Georgetown Road and the Pike. Other developers are in approval stages. The county is working on funding and scheduling for publicly-financed infrastructure changes, and negotiations continue regarding the privately-held land that will see the realignment of Executive Boulevard just south of Old Georgetown Road so that the Shriver Aquatic Center site can be developed in to a larger Wall Park and center parking can be built to the north of the pool building. See or

White Flint 2 is now being opened for future planning. This area includes the Executive Boulevard/Montrose Parkway area to the west of White Flint 1, Montrose Crossing to the north, and the Nicholson Lane/Boiling Brook Parkway area to the east. Montgomery County planners made a presentation to community members at the Luxmanor Elementary School on June 25, asking for priorities and suggestions from area residents.

The new website for this newly opened planning area is: